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18 Responses to " Fans "

  1. Roman says:

    I almost missed the latest Album Talk Sick. Nothing on iTunes in Germany… Great Album btw. Looking forward to the next Album and maybe a Concert in Germany someday?

  2. Teresa says:

    I have a ticket to see you Friday! The 16 year old in me would melt if you played Platinum. It gives me shivers every time I listen to it!

  3. PreveraL says:

    ORGY???? revived from the dead? no Fckng way, since blue monday till fiction i was like 14 and kinda gotic… but the absence of this band send me to other reings, now im 30 and deathmetal, but still have some of my old times dope songs…… i also have the orgy true tipe font in my pc. guys, very good luck, keep the awesome work. greetings from venezuela…

  4. Teresa says:

    wow, I have been out of the music scene for too long. Just found out you’re touring again and a small venue close to home in MN – I haven’t seen Orgy since 1999 when I was a teenager, now I’m in my 30s! Hope you guys still play songs from all the albums!

  5. emily says:

    Come to Russia. I was waiting for you. Your songs are so cool. Russia is waiting for you.
    I love your old hits. Listen to every day and enjoy. Especially love Jay. Please take a tour of Russia

  6. Pablo says:

    Great to have you back, and waiting for the new album. I have all your records and let me say that the wait was worth it, I really dig the sound and the new line up, SUPERB!! Keep it up

  7. Sara says:

    Whaaaat? This is so mental that you’re back. It’s also mental that I’m signing this board which feels like a guest book, which feels like it’s 1999.

    I was obsessed with you guys around that time. Always deviatated that I never got
    to see you live as I live in the UK.

    I used to frequent a website called All Day I Dream About Shuck. Does anyone remember it?


  8. Susan says:

    I remember you guys when you came out with “Stitches” and “Blue Monday,” but I was a little young at that time, so I didn’t really listen to your music; however, now that you guys have come back, I cannot stop listening to you guys!!! I have never seen a band so humble in my life, and with such pure talent and creativity. You guys are amazing, especially Jay Gordon :) I’m glad you guys came back, and I hope to see you one day. Everyone need to hear you play!!!

  9. Ibyian says:

    Really happy to hear the new sounds and REALLY excited for the chance to hopefully catch you guys on tour later this year. Been a fan since I was…18? Now I’m 31 and delighted to see my favorite band still making new music. Jay, there still isn’t anyone else who sings like you do.
    I like the grown-up image. After all, I’m not quite as flashy as I was back then either. ;)
    Keep trying you guys, it takes a lot of guts to do what your doing!

  10. Lana says:

    Welcome back Orgy! I loved you guys before, and love you guys now; and am incredibly excited that you are back on the scene. I have been listening to you guys since i was a young girl, and am just so happy you decided to bring back Orgy Jay. All the best for the future of this band! The new sound is vibrant, and you haven’t lost the essence of the sound of Orgy, thank you for still keeping true to your roots, I appreciate that in bands.

  11. James says:

    Loved the old sound and really love the new sound. Been a long time and I’m glad to hear you still have it. You should hook up with Klayton from Celldweller you have a real similar sound and your both putting out really great stuff which as a fan is pretty cool, because music now, just isn’t living up.

  12. JADEAN says:

    i like you guy i watched you guys on charmed

  13. hope chessel says:

    After having the oldschool logo across my back as a proud symbol of my faith in orgy music things are changing quicker than I can keep up with. My logo makes me look like an outdated groupie. I would like authorization to cover it up using the current logo. can I do this? No one in the original lineup had a problem with it. I’d like to have permission this time as it is a logo.

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