Jay Gordon

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  1. OrgyMomma says:

    I’ve been a uber fan since 1999, even got my husband into them. Jay, you still look fantastic! So does Ryan, Bobby, Amir, and Paige. I think the “new” Orgy sounds a lot different than the original line up; but, I guess, like with anything, the sound of Orgy must change in order to keep fresh and keep up with the time. Jay, your vocals are amazing, a bit softer than what we all heard on “CandyAss,” but you can still put out great songs.
    Jay, check your messages on your Facebook page, please! I miss you! I hope that you come back to Chicago…very, very, very soon. Rest your vocals, take care!
    I need to purchase a couple more shirts, my old “CandyAss” t-shirts are well worn down, and my “CandyAss, Vapor Transmission and Punk Statik Paranoia” CD’s are well worn out as well, and I can’t find them anywhere, even though I’ve been requesting that the stores order them.

  2. Stephanie R says:

    These are all fantastic! I’m sorry if i come out too crazy but I’m obsessed with you guys! I’m in love with this band so much right now that I’m using my spare time to sketch out and paint a couple of drawings of the entire band and the members individually. i just finished my Jay Gordon painting and already starting on Nic :) I feel like such an obsessive psycho but I can’t explain my devotion for you guys other than putting it into art. Can’t wait till I’m finished, hope you guys will love it!

  3. Nadine says:

    I really hope you guys go on tour again. Orgy was first concerts I went too. Sunken Gardens and Sunset Station in San Antonio. Really enjoy Thanks :)

  4. RUDY says:


    • Orgy says:

      Hi Rudy, glad you’re still into the music from ORGY. To answer your question the original line up have bands and or projects they wanted to pursue so because of popular demand to put out a new record and tour ,Jay kept the concept alive and is working with some great friends and musicians to keep the train rolling. There is nothing but respect coming out of this camp. We wish them well and hope their projects are successful! LONG LIVE ORGY!!

  5. Wendi says:

    Love the pictures !!

  6. monroe says:

    THAT’S THE ORGY I LOVE AND REMEMBER!!! im still excited to see what jay has done can’t wait!!! SAME OLD BEAUTIFUL VOICE!

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