NEW!- interview with Jay Gordon

Cross-breeding genres is often the innovative spark plugs needed in evolution of music. Founded on that very premise, back in 1994, the band Orgy looked to make their presence known with a unique style all their own. A compelling hybrid of Electronic, Industrial, Synth, Rock, and Metal elements, Orgy’s 1998 album, Candyass, was an explosive debut that not only put the band on the map, but had listeners yearning for more. Unifying eye-catching imagery and hard-hitting music, Orgy distinguished themselves with more success leading into 2002′s Vapor TransmissionUnforeseen to their dedicated following, the band all but vanished in the year following 2004′s Punk Statik Paranoia, leaving an empty space in many fans’ hearts. Filling that void, founding Vocalist Jay Gordon resurrected Orgy with a new lineup five years later, and now, after steady touring, new music in 2015, and plans for a full-length album in 2016, the band is finally hitting a deserved stride. Recently we sat down with Gordon to talk the early days of Orgy, his desire to bring the band back, plans for new music, and much more. - You began Orgy over two decades ago. In that time, the band really established themselves as the premier hybrid of Synth, Electronic, Rock, and Metal all together. Through it all, how would you describe the journey the band has been on?

Jay Gordon - It definitely has been a roller coaster rid, but it’s been good. I learned a lot and I’ve had a lot of fun. A lot of crazy shit has happened along the way. It’s all good though. - Exactly, that is what being in a band is all about; ups, downs, and everything. Now the band really had a huge impact upon your 1998 debut record, Candyass. That record had a lot of great tracks on it, including of course, the second single off the record, the New Order cover of “Blue Monday.”  Were you at all surprised at that massive success that cover track had?

Jay Gordon - Yeah, it’s been kind of nuts. I was definitely surprised at how it took off and everything. The plan was to get successful somehow; whatever it takes.



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